Art Residency :: for the South West Forests

I’m very happy to be in the studio on High Street in Fremantle with Environmental Artist Rosie Vinicombe. We are making art work for an exhibition at Kurb Gallery in December, 2012. Our new work is a continuation from The Forest for the Trees exhibtion.

The Hills, 2010 The Forest for the Trees

Rosie & I have been involved in front line advocacy work for the South West forests for a while. We want to remind people that the SW forests are unique. Marri, Jarrah, Tuart & Karri trees, with all the amazing understory & animals that call the forests home, are unique to this corner of the country. The SW of WA is one of the 25 most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. The SW has been continuously logged & developed since European occupation in 1829. As a result, many plant & animal species need special conservation attention to ensure that future generations can enjoy our forests.

We are having an inspirational collaborative residency. I’m looking forward to the exhibition in December.  Here are some of the works in progress.

Thank you Rosie for having me in the High Street Studio.


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