Winning for a CSG free Future




Coal and clay hearts

A Major Win! Fullerton Cove and Newcastle’s Drinking water is safe for now. It has taken a few days to sink in. We got the news of Tuesday the 2nd of April, 2013 that Dart Energy has pulled out of one of their major projects. Finally yesterday afternoon I started high five-ing, running around with a mad grin on my face and telling all I met, including the fella down at the bottleo at the Irish pub on Beaumont Street, that we HAVE HAD A WIN. And it is a significant one.

I have dedicated my working life voluntarily for the last three years to fighting coal seam gas locally in the Karuah River area, some 50-100kms North of Newcastle and most recently here in  Newcastle city. It has been taxing on me. There has been too many horrific deadlines for legal paperwork, endless photocopying and sharing of Environmental Ass. Reports. Looking at the terrifying realities for the local landscape. There has been meetings, tears and I truly have only been doing it because to me, the reality of coal seam gas for me has been that there would be no point in having children, as there would be no clean water. Truly terrifying and depressing!

That harsh reality is now a distant bad dream for Newcastle city’s drinking water and for the amazing locals out at Fullerton Cove, Fern Bay, who put up the good fight and won. I was told that there where some sore heads out at the Bay after Tuesday night’s party. This is just the first of many wins for this fight for our future, for our water and land.

I’m over the moon. I have seen too many mining companies desecrating sacred sites, despite the Elders standing up for country, despite the locals fighting for the land. A win feels amazing and all I can say is keep up your spirits all you amazing people out there putting up the good fight, for our land, for our future. We will win this one, so start planning the party for when we have banned CSG across the board and are rid of that insanely destructive industry. We, the people, are winning this fight and we will have some amazing stories to tell our grandchildren of how we kept the water clean for them to look after and enjoy.


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