Interactive sculpture proposal for Next Wave festival 2014

‘Water is Life’ Interactive Light Sculpture

A celebration of our precious fresh water resources. A spiralling lotus form constructed from natural materials, bamboo and calico, is lit by flowing rainbow water projections. You can walk inside the spiralling sculptural form and meditate on the simple truth that water is life.

The sculpture will be approximately 7 meters in diameter. The largest lotus petals at the outside of the form will stand 2 meters high. The petals diminish in size as the lotus form spirals inwards to the centre. When the viewer is standing at the centre of the spiral, the petal forms fans out in 4 spirals of increasing size. Lights and projected images, powered by solar power, will light the sculpture.

103_1972Lotus Flower, Punya Permaculture Farm, Thailand

Sculptures by William Eastlake

9Sculpture by the sea 10Sculpture by the sea detail

12Corin Bank music festival 1

Coal Tea Room Instillation, 2010 by Fern York in collatoration with Renew Newcastle and Sydney University of Technology Architecture students. 20100227_5d2_CitySwitch-6525


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