What Fern Does…

 Fern is an artist, designer and filmmaker specialised in sustainability and community and cultural development.

Graphic Design: Fern does graphic design for a range of small business owners working ethically and with awareness of impact environmentally and social/culturally.

Production Design: If you need a Production Designer for a film project, Fern has experience working on films, animation and documentaries. She loves drawing up storyboards.

Original Artworks: In a range of mediums including illustration, painting, drawing, sculpture and print making.

Workshops: Fern teaches workshops in visual arts, multimedia and permaculture design.

Permaculture Design: Design and construction for public and private spaces.

 Ferns provides creative services for select clients including:

deBase Operations

Communications Wise

Culture Hunter

Engage Media

Grow Where You’re Planted 

Hemp: the Ashford trial (Documentary)


Kumera Kitchen

Save Lake Cowal

Tantrum Theatre

The Boomerang Alliance

Waters Productions


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